Feedback for my Tribute page

(update 2016-06-29: new link to more responsive Tribute page)

Please check out my Tribute page: Tribute to Norvig and Thrun

I would appreciate any feedback/suggestions/advice on improving the design/layout of my tribute page.

problems encountered:

  1. haven’t thought of a nice way to align my footer text with the rest of the page. Any advice here much appreciated!
  2. haven’t made much use of bootstrap css for Tribute page. Would making more use of bootstrap have made 1. a much easier problem to solve?

Thanks in advance for advice!

Hi there,
I think is great!!, maybe you should try to use a menu at the top or try to change the items of a list just to practice.

How ever I think is fine

I like it. Short but sweet I’d say

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Ta for comments @MatWard and @ciberlook!

I’ve updated my Tribute page to make use of more bootstrap goodness to make the webpage more responsive.

Check out v2 here
v1 was here

Ok, I think I can move on to my Portfolio webpage now…

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