Feedback for my tribute page!

I made a tribute page for the web design project on FreeCodeCamp’s curriculum. I made a pretty simple layout, added a few images, and included some mouse-hover functionality as well. Could you please provide feedback on my tribute page? Thanks!

Hey, a few issues you’ll want to fix:

  • When I narrow the browser I get a big horizontal scroll bar. In a truly responsive design there would be no horizontal scroll bar. I suggest you use a narrow-first approach for styling. Narrow your browser as skinny as it will go and style the page so it looks good at this narrow width (no horizontal scroll bar). This will be your base CSS (no media queries). After you have it looking perfect at the narrow width then you can gradually widen your browser and add break points for any layout changes you want at wider widths. You will use min-width for the break points and I’d recommend using rem units as well.

  • I know the mouse hover effects are fun but they are completely inaccessible to people who can’t/don’t use a mouse. I would recommend you get rid of this completely and always have the content on the page so everyone can read it.

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