Feedback for my Walt Disney Tribute Page

Hello everyone. I have just completed my tribute page dedicated to Walt Disney.

Overall I am pleased with my page, however, I am having issues with making the page responsive as I’m sure not everyone uses a 1920x1080 resolution.

The links in the header are the only sections that seem to be responsive. I have the text “Walt Disney / 1901-1966” over the header image, but decided to use a header image including the text while I figure out the page responsive-ness issue.


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I like the quote at the end of the page!

Your header is contained in a “row” class which is recognized by bootstrap as a responsive container.

But the other sections of your page are not contained by a class recognized by bootstrap.

Bootrstrap is mobile-first, so you shouldn’t have problem regarding responsiveness. The first thing you should do using bootstrap is to wrap your page with a div class = “container” or a div class=“container-fluid”.
The container class is for a fixed width design (decided by bootstrap) and container-fluid is for a full width design (and there you can more specifically design your page with row and col)

I noticed that you added bootstrap 3.3.7 and bootstrap 4 in the setting of your page. It will probably be simpler to just choose one?
(Check the documentation for each one because some tags have changed in version 4.)

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