Feedback for our "new" homepage

Hi there,

We’re experimenting with our new homepage for our email parser tool (named Parserr!)

Any feedback is welcome.

why do you have <link href="/content/landing/css/home.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all"> inside <div class="wrapper"> and not in the head ? When page loads you can see first html lines completely unstyled until stylesheet is loaded.

This, needs to be fixed asap.

Other than that, the design itself looks very clean and professional, although I’d probably go easier with all the animations.

Also, the box shadow from each pricing table is coming onto other pricing tables. Make sure all the shadows are “under” the pricing table. The shadow itself might be spread a bit too far out.
When you take the blur down from 80 to between 25 and 40, it looks much better.

There is too much text here. It is also too gray, making it hard to read.

For instance:

Reports, Invoices or Delivery Notes to Order Management System

Could be shortened to:

Management System

Then you would remove this question:

Do you receive loads of delivery notes or invoices you wish could be synchronised to your order management system?

And just leave a description like this:

Using an email Parser will allow you to extract data including the customer information from invoices and delivery notes

Keep it short and simple.

Aren’t these the same thing? And could easily be combined into one feature paragraph.

like total amount or customer name

firstname, lastname and other demographic data!


Should be capitalized

There is also a spelling error somewhere in one of those descriptions.

The unnamed section with the quote also is very hard to read due to it being gray on gray text. It is also way toolong

The features and details are too wide

The pricing cards are too thin and should be animated with scale and box shadow.

Animate your navigation bar,