Feedback for Personal Running Plan - an attempt at AngularJS


Just for learning purposes, I’ve made my personal running plan, as small AngularJS application.
It works ok, but I’m not sure, if I have really done it ‘the angular way’,

It’s available here:

In case it’s not viewable on codepen, there’s a live version here.
(For ease of access: )

Maybe a more experienced angular developer would have modularized it, rather than putting everything in “app”.
Also some things I just did in code, because I couldn’t figure out, how to do it in the templates.

Eg. is a line like this:

{{ parseDayForContent(day) }}

something an experienced angular developer would frown uppon?

I would appreciate if someone would take a look, and give some feedback on the code.
Layout/design issues are of course also welcome, but not my main concern.