Feedback for personal site

Hello guys,

I made a personal site to help me finding a job. I’d like to have your opinion about it. It’s here:

Thank you,

Hey it looks pretty good! I would

Give each different tags different colors in your portfolio.
Spell it as portfolio :slight_smile:
Make text colors changes when mouse hovers on your nav links.

Good luck!

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Thank you for your feedback man. I’ll look into that.

Do you have links to anything related to the two startups you said you launched included in your portfolio? That would be something you would want to add if possible.

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If you have successfully launched two startups, then why do you not have your portfolio website hosted on a server you control? You need your own domain to host all your portfolio projects own. You should not still be leveraging Glitch or Github pages to host your apps, since you should already know how to do this on your own site.

Also, I would not put any project on your portfolio which is not complete or polished. For example, you should get rid of the My Sandwich Django app. It does not seem to work correctly nor is it complete in any way. Each project should have a specific purpose and you should display that purpose in the app and in some way on the portfolio site.

Since you do not seem to have a resume on the site, then you should definitely expand on each of the background entries which should give brief summaries of what your successes were in each of the items listed. This is especially true for the “Launched two solar energy startups” and the “Customer Service Manager”. For example, what were the names of the start ups and how did your role make them successful?

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hiya, here’s some notes:

  • id reduce the padding around each techstack and put the stars under each techstack. in general – the stack area is really big for not much reason
  • please include a screenshot of each project, it’ll be more interesting to look at!

other than that – looks clean!

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Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate.

The reason why I didn’t host my projects on my own server nor gave more details about my two startups is that I failed at them.
I wanted to bring solar energy in North Africa, where there is a lot of sun and problems of energy (I’m from France). Both times, I couldn’t pursue because of administrative issues, like the need of a specific license or the impossibility to import solar panels. So the companies stayed at preparatory state. However, I’ve been able to reach hundreds of prospects willing to buy solar systems for their homes or irrigation system. I did a lot to make these startups work but no concrete success so I’m not sure I should explain the details.

I would change the NavBar to White background initially then transition into the darker Navbar styling after moving down. That or make the lighter Navbar styling more grey so it contrasts better when it get’s to the white background.

Also on the Navbar I would have a container restricting the left and right sides to about max-width: 1000px. It shouldn’t be wider then your My Stack width.

This website needs to be responsive. There is all kinds of problems at screen widths between 320px upto 1199px.

Like someone else mentioned make sure each project is finished and polished.

Other then these issue’s it looks pretty good to me.

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