Feedback for portfolio 2018

I have just completed the framework of my portfolio and would appreciate some feedback. Do note that page 3 is empty as I have not completed all challenges. Thanks

I like the design and layout. The code looks pretty good. It’s responsive. :+1:

  • Make sure you’re comfortable with recruiters/employers looking at your instagram/facebook/twitter. If there’s anything unprofessional. I would delete anything that’s political, religious, or anything too personal like health issues.
  • The images you’ve chosen makes it seem like you’re a fashion designer instead of a web designer.
  • The text colors are a little hard to read. You can use a website like this to make sure it’s accessible/readable
  • Your css is good, but your html has a lot of syntax errors. In codepen, there’s an arrow button on the top right of the html pane. Click on it, and then click “analyze html”. It’ll give you some hints on some of the errors.

Thank you for your feedback.