Feedback for Portfolio Site

I just finished building a portfolio site with Vuejs. About to start looking for Front End jobs and was just looking for a bit of feedback on the site/code or whatever.
Here it is
Any thoughts or criticism welcome :slight_smile:

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Your picture is kind of blurry i’d get a better one, it makes a bad first impression :slight_smile:

Also i’d say the website lacks a bit of design, it kind of looks like those website we had in 2010 when everybody was making website for anything. Not that it is a bad thing, but since your portfolio is kind of the first piece of the said portfolio, it should be as neat as possible :slight_smile:

anyway, Good luck !

Also conaider removing “comedy” tab. I dont think that your future employer would be impressed with bunch of farting asses :smiley: .

Hi Alex! I think your portfolio looks nice, but I agree it lacks a lit bit of design. It also seems to show your personality, and I don’t think any of the content is offensive. Anyone looking to hire you will know if you are a good fit or not. Wish you the best of luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks for the feedback everyone! i’m a fan of really minimalist design and maybe went a bit too barebones conceptually.
the blurry picture is not an accident, people will either get it or not i suppose but i think it fits my style but i could see how some people might not like it.
as for the butts, the whole section will probably be replaced with a blog and i debated whether i’d put in that section at all…ideally though, i would want an employer who is cool with it

While your future manager and the company as a whole may not have an issue with your butts section, a recruiter for the company or external recruiters may have issues with it and pass you by. When seeking employment based on your online profile, keep it as professional as possible to attract the most companies as possible. Once you get a call and in-person interview, you can ask questions that should give you a good feel if it is a company with which you want to work. You should be the filter of what company you work for instead of the company filtering you out unnecessarily.

First impressions are the most important whether in-person or online. Make that first impression speak “I am a professional”. The butts stuff is all fun and everything, but it should be on a personal website unrelated to your professional profile. It is kind of the same reason you have different information on your LinkedIn page vs. your Facecook page.

Just my 2 cents worth, based on my 25+ years in the job market.

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Thanks for taking the time to write about such a ridiculous thing. It makes perfect sense and you’ve totally convinced me. I took them off the site, leaving what I hope is only the most innocuous content that still shows some personality in a good light.
Appreciate the feedback!!
@hadrienallemon I did end up replacing the picture with one my wife just took. Thanks for your opinion!