Feedback for Product Landing Page - FlickBook

Hi there, finished my third project challenge, the product landing page.

Originally I wanted to limit it to only HTML and CSS, however I had to include a small bit of JS in the end.

My pricing cards originally contained div elements within a button element. This worked fine, but I was getting validation errors using the W3C validator. Therefore I changed it to a div containing a checkbox with a label and use JS to style the parent div when hovered or selected.

I meant to style the page using a mobile first approach but forgot and ended up doing the opposite, which caused me a few more problems when scaling to a smaller size.

Anyways the link below is to the finished page hosted on my GitHub Pages. Any feedback will be appreciated as always. Thanks in advance for looking.

Product Landing Page - FlickBook

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Really well done and looks neat. But when I clicked on get started button without entering any email address it still took me to the mock website ( I checked it on mobile btw).

Thanks for catching that. I have now added the required attribute to the email input.

It does make the styling, when it fails, a bit weird now, so I will have to figure out how to fix that. I assume that as I only want to change the border color when the submit button is clicked and fails then I would have to use JS rather than any specific CSS selector.

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