Feedback for Product Landing Page (Responsive Web Design - Project 3)

Hi, guys, I’ve finished the first test-passing and CSS polished version of the project. You can check it out using the following links:

I’ve struggled with the navbar a lot, I’ve put a flexbox inside of a flexbox and had trouble positioning them, which ruined responsiveness in a way. I would be glad on advice on how to make it better and understand CSS positioning combined with nesting and flexboxes because I got lost, to be honest. Also, I can’t quite get responsive resizing. Any resources will be highly appreciated. I also had trouble to make form take up only as much space as I wanted it to, so I would like to learn more about it before returning to styling project#2, which passed all the tests, but is ugly as hell. :rofl: :joy: Anyways, thank you for stopping by and I hope to hear from you soon!

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Hi @mladenka.orlic

Congratulations. You have a nice design there. It would be a lot better if you made it responsive and added the FCC test CDN.

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