Feedback for Project Based Todo App

It’s a todo app with a little twist. It can sort todos not just by their importance but time and difficulty as well. It stores all todos in the cloud so you can log in to your account on your mobile device and see the same todos as well. It is still not finished but I think I came to a point that I need feedback before moving further.

ps: it can take a while to load the site, it is just Heroku waking the server up so please wait a bit.

I think if you want people to test this app for you, you will probably need to provide some testing credentials that we can log in with.

Also, when you click the Register button and get an error, the error message should stay there and not disappear automatically after a few seconds. This is an accessibility issue. You need to allow the user as much time as they need to read the error message.

Rad! Nice work.

I just skimmed over it.

But seems like there should be a place on the landing screen to login when you already have an account. So that you dont have to click on the get started button each time to login.

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