Feedback for Random Quote Generator Please

Hi everyone, i’d really appreciate it if i could get some feedback on my Football Manger Quote Generator please. Its my first time getting feedback, be gentle.

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Only thing I noticed was that with all of the images around it, your smaller elements are getting a little lost in the design. Even with the instructions to use the button, the button itself took a moment to find. Consider bringing it to better focus, and also to maybe darken and enlarge the text of the quotes section to make it a bit easier to read against that pale teal. Otherwise, I really like the layout! Very creative.


Thank you very much, I’ll definitely do that :grinning: it’s so obvious when you break it down.

Personally I like it. The only problem is that which @L0TU5 has stated.

Made the changes, hope you approve?

thanks again guys :slight_smile:

The darker teal really brought this together. Well done!