Feedback for `Random Quote Machine` Challenge

I’m quite new with Javascript, I’ve done some Javascript courses and most of them to be honest needed quite a lot of help to finish and now I faced the Random Quote Machine challenge which was really helpful I think in my learning progress. I have codepen for my result and would like any feedback and ideas how I can improve it/change the approach etc.

Much appreciated guys :wink:

I do not see a button I can click to tweet the current quote on display. This is one of the requirements for the challenge.

As far as your code, your fillFirst function and click event callback function for your buttton with id=“btn” are identical. See if you can make use of your fillFirst function with the click event instead writing duplicate code.

The only other suggestion I have is since you only have 13 quotes, it is very possible that a user could click on the Change The Quote button and still receive the same quote. To a user, this could appear the app is working correctly. See if you can figure out how to not allow the same quote to display twice in a row.