Feedback for survey form. Thanks!
Working on my survey form. I need help with the media queries resizing the text area and submit button when the site is viewed on phone. Useful feedback will be highly appreciated

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I changed the title for your post.
Please avoid placing links in the title since we can’t click on them.

Right now you are passing 7/17 tests.
Read the full error messages to pass the rest of the tests.

You have a few errors in your html.
Run your code through the html validator.

You have a couple of small errors in your css.
Run your code through the css codepen analyzer.

It is always best to start with the mobile size first when designing.
Then you can work your way to larger devices.

In codepen, I would suggest changing the editor view and then narrowing the browser window to a mobile size.

For the submit button you have min-width:33.8em;
I would personally delete that and leave it at the default width.
Or if you want to increase the width, I would only increase it by a little bit.

Same the goes for the text area.
You wrote min-width: 40em;

When I delete that then the issue goes away.
Again, if you want the text area larger then design it with mobile first in mind.

Hope that helps!

Thanks! You helped me learn alot.

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