Feedback for survey page

I really want this to look better but my knowledge isn’t enough
at the moment.Any thoughts?

I think you should get the test script. I think you may not pass every test just yet.

Don’t leave you label text loose in the li put it in a label.

Make sure you use <label for="input ID">

Check your HTML for errors. I like to use an online validator.

Sometimes HTML errors can affect appearance.

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All HTML elements can have a border. Here’s a 2px solid red border on everything.

Look at your code and the borders and try to identify which tags are which boxes.

If I have it right, the label text appears vertically centered in the .inner-left. But .inner-left and .inner-right are at different heights in their parent.

I spent longer than i’d like to admit, trying to fix that. In the end, i left it before i messed it up more.

I hope it helps now that it can be seen where the adjustments need to be.

Thank you so much. I’ll definitely take another look at it.

I see you like to use the border-radius css command a lot.
Your form has a bit too much.
You inputs need to have a little more.

I like the font you picked!
At all else, great job.