Feedback for Tech Doc page? Was more fun and challenging than I thought!

Finished the tech doc page. Was working on it with grid and had a lot of trouble with spacing, responsiveness, grid-lines, widths etc. and then I realised I could just strip it back and use good old fashioned margins! Seemed to do the trick :slight_smile:

Enjoyed making this page more than I thought, especially utilising root in CSS to make a colour palette I could draw from - no prizes for guessing my palette inspiration :stuck_out_tongue:

Any additional feedback/criticism to help me improve is as always really appreciated!

GitHub Pages:

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Page looks good @cjcon90. I had fun with this one too.
Only thing I would recommend is to somehow make the links at the end look like clickable links instead of just a list. Someone with a mouse it’s easy to see the cursor change to a pointer but on device with no mouse, nothing to hover. Maybe like the tribute page where you have a link that’s embedded in a sentence.

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