Feedback for Technical Documentation Project

I just finished the project, would appreciate any comments and suggestions to improve it. you can see it here.
Thank you : )

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Looks great!!

I did a brief look-through of the page, only a few things jumped out (both nitpicks):

    Here are the references:

This is a bit redundant, you could edit out the second line :slight_smile:

Second edit, under the JSX section, there is a line that is not properly indented, this is likely just a formatting error.

Other than these two things, this looks amazing! Clean, simple and easy to read.

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On my iPhone the content is cut off on both edges. Also the code blocks do not display all of the content. Maybe try word-wrap: break-word and see if that solves it. If not also add overflow-x: auto.

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I think it’s just text I forgot to remove, and i’ll check the JSX section. Thanks!

I see, I’ll get that fixed soon, thanks for the input and suggestions.