Feedback for the Promodoro project

Please take a moment or two to look at my promodoro project, and provide feedback. Please keep in mind that I was focusing on functionality, and not as much on design. Up to now I tried and failed to center the ‘Reset’ button.
Thanks in advance!

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You might want to add a cursor property on the play and reset button to show that it is clickable.

To fix your reset button centering issue. Just use a text-align:center on the main tag.

You have repeated buttons for session, and break.
I do not know the reason, but the session buttons all work the same. So suggest to remove it.

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It did solve the problem.
Before text-align:center was the style of the <small> text tag. Why didn’t it center the text then?

The idea is that a cycle, containes 4 sessions, the first three are followed by a short (regular break), and the last session is followed by a longer break. The buttons show the user where he is in the cycle, and allows him to move in the cycle - Lets say he wants to jump to the next break, or he wants to start the cycle from the beginning,

It has to do with where it is being center and how much space is available for the centering to happening.

If you do a background color on the small tag. The bounding box is the exact same size as the content. Meaning if you center the text, it is center based in the bounding box.

Putting the center on the main tag meant centering the small tag. Put a background color on the main tag, and you see the bounding box is the entire screen.

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The app should play a bell sound between sessions and breaks. However the sound only plays after a one second delay. It wasn’t so when I had the sound on my computer, which makes me think it might have to do with an html request taking place. My questions are:

  1. Why is it happening?
  2. Best practice solutions?