Feedback for the "vanilla version" of my Portfolio Page

Hello World!
I would love some feedback on my 1.0 version of the Portfolio Page.

Thank you in advance! :smiley:

Hi Darius.

Nice color palette. I like also the navigation bar that tracks where you are at with the scrolling.

The hero image and the text under could be centered vertically in the middle of the page.

The portfolio sec is fine.

Maybe add a little more text: about yourself what are you good at or want to learn…

Keep up with the good work!!!

Thank you. I wanted to write more about myself but i’m not that good at that stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll try to center the hero image and the text vertically.

One thing i noticed doing this project is the design part. It kills me, it took me about two weeks to settle on a version that i finally like. I keep changing stuff on the go…

Yes I know. It was the same for me. It can consume a lot of time. But just focus on good enough. With time you will have the “itch” to redesign it anyway.

Are you currently doing this for a living (i mean coding)?

No. I was an programmer, SCADA etc. I did also a PhD in Computer Science with some programming in Matlab, R and Python. Now I’m learning web dev, but I’m not working in the field. I have quit my job. Currently unemployed :wink: :sunglasses:

Looks great, nice clean design.

As well as adding a few more details in your personal info, make sure to proofread your copy for errors like capitalization.

Also, consider removing your mailto: link - very easily harvestable by scammers. The most failsafe way to avoid spam is by using a form with a back end which forwards the data on to your email address, but using Mailhide would probably work in a pinch.

Thanks for the advice. I already corrected the mailto link.

Same here, i have a bachelor’s degree in CS and i’ve worked here and there but nothing serious. I’m learning web dev and i hope i can get something remote…