Feedback for Use the Twitchtv JSON API challenge please

I completed the Use the Twitchtv JSON API challenge. What is your opinion?
Here is the codepen link

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I love what you are going for here. Stylistically, this is great! My suggestions are to do with your white-space control. The boxes containing the radio buttons are much larger than their content, and on my wide screen they are spaced very far from the list content. When I minimize the screen width, it overlaps and makes them unusable. I would consider making them smaller, and perhaps having them set to stack below or above the list content on narrow screens, or just moving them to one of those positions entirely.

Also, I just went back and looked at it again. I didn’t even notice that you had an online status for each channel in the list at first! Definitely consider finding a way to bring this feature more into focus.

Thanks LOTU5,
I changed my code.