Feedback from tribute page

hey I’m very new at coding and the tribute page test was my first responsive website design. what I want to know is that the freecodecamp send a feedback for my test, explaining if I did something wrong etc or where can I get this answer. (thats my first post here!!)

Hello @peturpitus !
No, you don’t get any feedback. You can see if your tests are passing by clicking “run tests”.
I think the subject for that post better go in #project-feedback
Also you can share your code to get some feedback if you want that…

hey! when you refer to “run tests” you mean where? codepen or codecamp? i didn’t found any of this when I made the page

Ah… on codepen… tap the green bars (that freeCodeCamp has included automatically in your tests), select test suite (in your case “tribute page”) and then click “run tests”.

oh I didn’t even notice the green bars! thanks so much!!

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