[Feedback] George Carlin Tribute

Hey campers, just finished my tribute page. I tried to follow the guidelines and keep it simple as I am completely new to all this. Much thanks for any feedback!

Project Link - http://codepen.io/Frank192/pen/dXQvxr/

Good job, looks great :slight_smile:

You have 3 minor HTML markup errors.

  1. <ul> tags should not have <br> tags in them. If you want some space between your list items, use CSS to add a margin-top, or some padding.
  2. Similarly, <h3> tags should not be wrapped in an <em> tag; swap the order, so that <h3> is the parent.
  3. The h3 tag should be a h2, since it follows a h1. If you want it to be smaller, use CSS to style it.
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Hey thanks for taking the time to give feedback! I will take your advice and correct those things…much appreciated! :sunglasses: