Feedback: I finished my first Version of my Personal Portfolio

Hey Campers,
I create my first Version of my Personal-Portfolio on GitHub, with all the basic functionality.
So please enjoy.

I would be very happy about a feedback.:blush:

Best regards,


It looks promising :smile: Remake the form to apply correct style of MDL, make a consistent look between each part of your portfolio(The current About is larger than the rest 2) and you are good to go :wink:

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Really like it as a first version :slight_smile: I can remember my first website, it was literally a block of un-styled text all those years ago…

I especially like that you haven’t gotten hung up with your form not working and have gone with a google form in the interim, that really shows some good problem solving and is very impressive :slight_smile:

Biggest non-obvious quick win I would suggest is to tweak your pictures so that they aren’t so big. The page is huge and taking 9 seconds to load according to the network tab in the developer tools. Making the images smaller that are currently in the megabytes would greatly improve this.

Also mobile first / responsive design in case you aren’t already aware. Wouldn’t worry about this for another few versions personally, but just putting it out there.

Keep up the good work!

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Thx for your feedback.:blush: I fixed that with the images.
I know about responisve design.
Because of that I used Material Design Lite from Google.

But the thing with the menu is now not the best solution, I think. But i fixed that later. For Big screens I thought:" For the start is this a good idea."
What do you mean with [quote=“craigrpears, post:3, topic:38696”]
Wouldn’t worry about this for another few versions personally, but just putting it out there.

Best regards

I meant that I think it’s a good idea to focus on a few points and improve those, rather than trying to do everything at once. For example you could start with getting the form working and ensuring that the elements are appropriately sized and line up as thovo suggested.

The responsive design does work on desktop now that I’ve checked that, it isn’t on an actual mobile device however. I think someone else ran into a similar problem in another thread, which can be resolved by adding a meta tag:

It looks good, clean and simple.
You could try aligning the VIEW and NO OPEN ACCESS buttons in the portfolio section for consistency though, it might look a little bit better :wink:

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Ahh. :grinning:
I’ve forgot it. So, I’ve fixed that. Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback.
I fix this.
Thx, and best regards.

thx for your Feedback.
I hope I can make it better later.
Its a problem on my List.

Best regards

Fantastic job with your portfolio. Very neat, simple, and sweet. Good use of the responsive design/bootstrap. You’re by far the first portfolio I’ve seen aligned this way. Great job!

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Hey Vanessa, thank you very much for your kindley comment. I don’ t use Bootstrap for the Design. It’s from the Material Design Lite library of Google (
It’s very usefull and also simple.
Best regards

Hi. The design is very good so my only comment would be about the content.
I would like to see more detail about what you are doing and your motivations.
What do you plan to do in future?
There are only 3 things in your profile at the moment but that will grow I imagine?
One of these says “No Open Access”. Fine, but you can explain what it is you did. Otherwise, it is not worth showing it.
You have a link to a blog but this has only 3 entries.
Your GitHub projects don’t have any description so hard for anyone who doesn’t know you to see what skills you have.

I do like the images you have chosen, including your profile photo which is important.

Best regards

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Hi.Looks like a great piece of work.How did you incorporate google form into your page? Im trying to do the same.

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Very nice looking! Keep up the good work!

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thanks for your nice feedback.
It is not so hard as it look like. I used the Material Design Lite framework for textfields and build that into a html form. For the icons I used the icons of google you find here (Material-Icons. So and last but not least, how to make the form working for you on a static side? That is not so easy because in most cases you need a backend to build a form where you can use e.g. php. but there are some nice tools. I used in this case formspree. Its a simple tool to make your form work on a static side. If you want to see the code you can check up my Git-hub Repo..

If you want to build a google-form into your homepage, is the simplest way the iframe html of the Google-Form. It is the same way how you can get you-tube videos on your website. It’s realy easy. The problem is that the form mostly dosen’t look nice on your website.

In the past there was more possibilities here is one example but I dont know if that allready works.

Sry for my english. :smiley: I hope you can understand what I write.
Best regards,

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Thank you. :slight_smile: