Feedback in Build a Survey Form

I finish my project “Build a Survey Form”.
Build a Survey Form

As usual any feedback of any type welcomed

its a great attempt but there are some things that you can improve on.
You should start with fixing some syntactic errors

  • In line 38 you have a typo in your value attribute
  • the submit button is meant to be inside the form

Design wise everything looks pretty okay on a computer monitor, but your page lacks responsiveness. Consider resizing your inputs when the screen width is decreased.
Your page could also use some padding, especially at the top and bottom.
In the case of page responsiveness, if you are not sure where to start i would suggest checking out this page which has a detailed explanation on how to make a page responsive

good luck :+1:


Thank you for the feed-back. It is very encouraging to see people spend some of their time in checking what one has built.

I corrected the details of typo and submit button.
Most importantly I re-built the website regarding responsiveness.

I had built it with the CSS grid system, so I added a @media query, putting the max-width to 767px, that I think is a standard of width in mobile phones. Within the query I reorganize the code, so now it is fine for mobile phones as well.