Feedback: Just completed first challenge

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check your double quotes in img height attribute,
formatted properly the code would be much easier to read
It was a good start :wink:

I think making a header would help your overall layout, and maybe divide your content into columns for better readability? Like, picture on the left, text on the right, or something like that!

Here’s some information that could help :slight_smile:

Keep it up :slight_smile:


I’m sorry I just saw this, been lagging, but I will definitely try this out.

Even though it was already formally submitted.

I really appreciate the feedback.

Take care

Hi Vic,

I am so sorry I am just posting this reply, dang… Please don’t think I blew you off at all by any means, I am gonna try out your suggestions even though I formally submitted the tribute page a million years ago it seem like.

I just finished my 2nd project as well.

So anyways. It’s really lame that I just now read this, but I sincerely appreciate just the fact that you took the time to read through my code.

Take care
Jim A

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Hi Jim,

No worries at all!
And always happy to help :slight_smile: