Feedback much appreciated. Also a few questions for you experts


Hi, I’d appreciate your feedback. This is my first coding project ever, I’m a total newbie.
I really enjoyed it except that on my first attempt I started trying to change some of my coding, forgot what I had done, messed the page up and had to start from scratch.

Would really love to know if on your device that you are viewing it on if its slow to load? It’s slow on my phone but I have a huawei so i’m not sure if its my phone or if its the fact that I have a video uploaded, and a full background image on my webpage.

Also I did a test browser test and it passed 12 but the last one failed which was windows 7 e9 1024x768.
Is this because of the internet browser is out of date of is it something to do with my webpage?
Thanks heaps

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Don’t worry about, IE 9. Good job :slight_smile:

Loads fine on my desktop. Looks good!

Learn to use GitHub with Codepen & you can easily backup code changes :wink:
EDIT: ctrl+z is also a powerful tool, lol!