Feedback My Dream Vacation Website

Hello everyone,

I just finished building a website and I would like some feedback. Can you guys help me out on this website? Thanks

Here is the link

Really like the content, and the structure is effective. Not sure what I’d suggest about those list items, though: having the bullet so far from the list item is more than a little distracting. Perhaps centering the entire list item (bullet and text), and using a different list-style-type? An arrow, or a different graphic element.

Also, because I’m that guy, I want to warn you about a11y (it’s a short way of saying ‘accessibility’ - a+eleven letters+y). Your title is fancy, and lovely, and drop-shadow-y… but if I was even slightly visually impaired, it would completely turn me off. Drop shadows are very effective on sans-serif typefaces, and a blurred drop shadow can work on serif faces… but I advise avoiding shadows like that on script faces.

There are extensions that let you view your page through the filters of challenged users, and I suggest often that folks try them out.

More a design comment than a feedback, but something to be aware of.

Again, though, overall, it’s great. Organized, clean, consistent look. Informative, simple scheme. Kudos!

Thank you for your feedback