Feedback: My Portfolio

Hi all! I just finished my portfolio and would love feedback. It’s fairly simple, but I like it. My only real concern is on smaller browsers my photo/the coming soon images don’t stay in the white container.

Also, I would’ve liked to make the header stick but I couldn’t work it out. In the future maybe!

I’m on the same project, but maybe I can help out a little.
I like the layout and color scheme, seems very relaxed, but formal.

Were you trying to make the header scroll with the page? I was able to do that in mine if you’d like some help.

Thanks! And yeah, I want the header to be visible as you scroll down the page. I managed to do this a couple years ago but nothing I tried for this seemed to work. Any help would be appreciated!

I used Navbar instead of a header. It ended up smaller than yours, but I’m sure it can be adjusted. Here’s the video I followed. I am having problems getting the buttons to function properly, so be careful.