Feedback - My Tribute Page. Critique Welcomed

Hi all,

so I completed my tribute page (with a little help from one of our resident campers!) and I was just looking for feeback - what is done well and what could be improved upon! I am new to the code, and this is actually my second attempt at a tribute page as the first one went a bit pear shapped and garish, but dont hold back!.

Hi! Your page looks good, I love what you did with the borders, it’s kind of funky :slight_smile:

I would maybe consider putting some margin on the list items to separate them from each other, just to make reading from a screen a bit easier. And your video iframe doesn’t scale with the page, so after about 730px it stops being responsive. That’s because its width is fixed in pixels in HTML - try using percentages, at least after the 730px breakpoint. Hope this helps!

Other than that, great job! :slight_smile:

Thank you for that! I will get to work on your suggestions :slight_smile:

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