Feedback: My Tribute Page


I like! The image transitions are smooth and the site overall looks pretty good!

That said I would get rid of the top star thing. Personal opinion but I dont think it matches up with the theme of the site.

Just a personal thought though. :+1:

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@smazad1212 This is pretty cool! I like the image slider javascript. Nice touch. The code looks well done: semantic, styling classes instead of ids, the colors have good contrast, no qualified selectors, good use of the CSS cascade so the code is DRY. Great job!

You may want to run your HTML through a validator ( as there are a few errors you can clean up to make this even better, in terms of standards and accessibility. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your kind words.

Thinking about it, the star thing is also a 50-50 for me as well. Let’s see how others feel about it, then I’ll remove it if necessary.

I wanted this animation to give a heavenly feel. :sweat_smile:

@camper Thank you for your wise words. I ran it though the validator after your suggestion, there was one minor clean up. Fixed it.

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