Feedback needed for my FCC Tribute page

Thanks in advance!

your page passes the tests which is good.

maybe you should work on the design more, a black background not the best choice.
and also this happens when the width is smaller

keep on hacking, don’t give up.

Thanks @Hassanbhb for your time. I will continue to work on the design more.

I’ve fixed the text display problem when the width of the window is smaller. However, as you can see now, the line spacing between the title and the title caption is quite big, any advice on how I can reduce the line spacing? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

i just tested the text problem, and it’s not fixed, did save the code?

I just fixed everything AGAIN! Will remember to save my work as I go in the future.
Now that I look at the page again, perhaps there is no need to fix the line spacing between my h1 and h3 tag.

I will work continue to work on the design :slight_smile: