Feedback needed for RQG

Hello all,

I would appreciate some feedback for my RQG as the title suggests, here it is:


Everything seems to be working just fine.

Did you know you can use Codepen to analyse your code for problems? There’s nothing MAJOR in yours, but the analysis tools throw up a few complaints (here’s a sample):

You can run the tests from the caret menus in each of the panels, and the error messages link to explantations :slight_smile:

Hi Sotos,

How are you?
You have a nice RQG. I am not a designer so can’t tell much about design, but I like the way the RCG is animated…

Good job!

Looks good.

One thing is I found that it works better if you put the buttons above the quote. So when the quote appears and disappears they don’t jump around. Looks a little smoother.