Feedback needed for the Tribute Page

Hello, campers.
I made a tribute page about the captain of the soccer team I support and I’d like to get your feedback on it. I hope I got it right. Here is the link:


Great start! Try using some google fonts in your CSS and don’t forget your wikipedia link as per the specs

Hello, John.
There is a Wikipedia link, actually. It’s the line above the list. The sentence that starts as ‘Here…’.

Also, I did use Google fonts. All of the fonts on the page are Google fonts.

Ah! Sorry, most people put it at the end…if it says “here is the story” and then below on the same page is a story it didn’t even occur to me to click a link there. About the fonts, I guess I was just hinting to pick nicer fonts? If I went back and redid my tribute page I would make it look less like its just solid html. This would be to show how I can use different features of development, like CSS or JQuery or whatever. I’m aware you used CSS (and really don’t think JQuery is all that good for the tribute page just yet)… Try a couple columns in there, just to make it less straightforward. Or a sidebar of some kind.

Here’s my shitty tribute page. I didn’t even bother doing the full bio. I spent hours and hours trying to figure out how to get those little pictures at the bottom to be the same size and line up like that. I also spent hours figuring out how to make that black box bio and the white borders that run while touching it.
Its pretty much straight html, left justified which is the easiest way to do things. So how can you challenge yourself?