Feedback needed on Tribute page

Hi everyone, i´m almost done with the project but I´d really like some thoughts on how it´s going so far. I´m new to all of this and obviously still pretty insecure. Thanks!

Nothing to be insecure about, you did a fine job with this. I’m going to throw out a few suggestions, particularly with regard to accessibility.

  • I think the text shadowing on the h1 is a bit too much and is making it hard to read. I would scale it way back. You always want to make sure that your content can be read by everyone.
  • Speaking of which, I can barely read the quote near the top of the page. I think it’s a combination of the font you chose, the size of the font, plus using the italics that makes it very hard to read on that background color. Technically, the color contrast is high enough to be considered accessible, but that doesn’t take into account the other issues I mentioned. I think you chose a somewhat difficult font to read, especially being all caps, and I would reconsider that choice.
  • More on text. Do not justify your content with the edges like that, especially with the type of font you are using. But even with a different font, it is recommended you do not use justified text except in very specific situations where it might be called for and doesn’t hurt legibility.
  • One final thing on text formatting, give your content a max width (preferably in rem units) so that the line length doesn’t get too long. Long lines of text can be hard for some people to read. I usually find myself limiting text width to at most 55rem.
  • Concerning the Final Fantasy image link near the top
    • You’ve got a hover effect on it but the increase in size makes the content below it shift down. Consider using transform instead of just increasing the width.
    • When you use an image in a link then the alt text for the image needs to take the place of the link text so screen reader users know where the link will go. So instead of ‘black mage image’ you need it to say something like ‘Final Fantasy Portal Site’.
    • When Tabbing to this link with the keyboard I cannot see the focus indicator outline around the image. I always recommend that you customize the outline property on the link so that the focus indicator is clear. And I recommend you do this for any element that can receive focus on your page.

Hello @FeDev13 and welcome to the forum. Your page is really good! It reminds me a page I’ve created last year. Anyway you did a great job :clap:t3:.

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