Feedback Needed. Product landing page

Hi guys.
Please can you help me review my project and please tell me how I can do better.

I think it looks good.
There are always little things we can do to improve things of course and there are a few small things you could do to improve your page. I would put a hover effect on your nav links so that it’s obvious when you are hovering over one.
Also some of your text and inputs(email and submit) are very close to the edges. I would use padding/margin to move them away a little, give things some space.
Lastly there is quite a lot of empty blue space above your video, I would reduce that a little.
Those few little things would greatly improve your page I think

Thanks for the review,
How can i remove the space between the video
and the nav bar

I am actually slightly confused by the way you have used CCS Grid but for a quick fix you could alter your
grid-template-rows:repeat(5, 25%); swap 25% for auto.
Then create a new selector as below
#about {
The new selector stops the video from moving up behind your header.
Lastly I would recommend watching 1 or 2 youtube videos on both CSS Grid and 1 or 2 on responsive web developement as some of your elements start to move off screen on smaller viewports.
It is a lot to learn I understand so take your time

Thanks for the advice I will do that as soon as i can

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