Feedback Needed: Tribute Page

I just finished the Tribute Page challenge. I would appreciate any feedback to further improve it.

Here’s the link for my code.
FCC: Tribute Page (

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

Link to the challenge:

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Good job!
In terms of improvements, I personally find the text to be too small.
The borderline color of the table also doesn’t fit well, but that’s not much of an issue.
I’d recommend trying to create a mobile layout for the page, since on mobile the table is not fully visible.

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Thank you for the feedback! I am not so good with design lol :laughing:. I will find time to create a mobile layout and work on the aesthetics, accessibility and responsiveness.

Please also feel free to give feedback on the freeCodeCamp survey form I just finished. FCC: Survey Form (


I like the simplicity of it. Again, good job. The only thing I would change is spacing apart the input boxes more in the first and last section of the menu.

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