Feedback of my Tribute Page | Edgar Dijkistra

Here is my Tribute Page, I would really appreciate some feedbacks both on the code and the design :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

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uh… awesome??? That looks really complex compared to the ones I’ve seen so far. New to freecodecamp btw, and I’m also on my tribute page project. One thing I absolutely love on your page is the top transparent banner with the background photo. And though it covers his face, you made up for it by adding another picture. Your page is sectioned off very well. And your wiki button is really clean. Also added a video which is cool. I’ve done the same on mine, but am nowhere near completion. One thing I would do myself would be to make the top banner wider and even with the rest of the content, but that’s all preference right? Anyways, great job!

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Thanks a lot! I’ve tried a couple of design before ending up with this. I’ve tried to kept it as simple as possible.
Good luck with your Tribute page :slight_smile: