Feedback of my Tribute Page

Hello all,

I have just finished the tribute page, and I would like to get some feedback of it. I have used css and bootstrap, but what I dont know when I am using too much of each one or both.

Here is my link:
Tribute Page

Thanks in advance!

Good job on your tribute page. Do you think the image is just a tad too big? :slight_smile:

yes, I agree, but how can I change it?

Can I set the width and height if I am using an .img-responsive class??

I have changed the size of the image, but I am not using img-responsive class anymore

When you click on “My Web” in the navbar a codepen of your tribune opens up inside a code pen.

Yes you can. Seems you have already done that. Good job.

I would suggest making the image file size smaller. It’s currently 7.07MB.

Use a tool such as Pixlr to do so.

I grabbed the image on the page and shrunk it down to 867KB without any noticeable reduction in quality.

To do that, you literally just have to save the original image as a new JPEG inside of Pixlr. Go with the default quality setting of 80%.

First of all, thank you to everyone for helping me.

I have tried to fix the little issues that you have mentioned. The only I still can fix is the related with the image size. I have used, but, how can I use the image once is stored in pixlr cloud? Is there any option that allows me to share my image?


Good work on your Tribute page @ciberlook !

If you want to get a smaller size image of Linus, go back to the wikicommons page where you found the original image: ( ).
There you should be able to find images of different sizes.

And also, thanks for commenting on my tribute page too!

btw, have you tried viewing your tribute page on a phone? How well does it render? My tribute page doesn’t look that good on a mobile device at the moment…

thank you for your advice. Mine is ok in the tablet, but I havent watched yet in the iphone. I guess if is ok in the tablet should be fine in a mobil specially if I am using bootstrap, shouldn’t it? :wink:

Pixlr will let you download the image locally. Then you can move it to your host.

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Hi @ciberlook,

Your Tribute Page renders quite nicely on my Nexus 5X!

But I reckon you can add the ‘img-responsive’ class to your <img> element to make it scale responsively to fit to screen. You may need to add margin-left: auto and margin-right: auto to your <img> element to get it centered correctly.

Also, I think you could further reduce the size of your image of Linus to have your webpage load quicker. 1mb images are still to big imho :slight_smile:

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I love both Tovarlds and your work. Great job!

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thank you for your advice!!, I have just fixed and it is working.

I have watched in the laptop and my iphone 4, and in both are fine.