Feedback of Weather app

How is my project? Give me the feedback. It’s link is above.

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Very pretty. Good job. I don’t think you need the decimals though.

Thank you for your feedback.

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Looks fairly good on desktop, though in general the white font against the white clouds makes it difficult to read the text.

The site is responsive, but the text gets too small on a mobile device. Also, I am not sure if you noticed, but the icon/graphic representing the weather is not centered on a smaller screen device (see below).

Thanks for your feedback, I will try to make it better.

The bug has been fixed. Now, check it out.

Now you have the opposite problem. The text is too big on mobile devices (see screenshot of Iphone 8 below).

Also, you have an error showing in the browser’s console you should fix.

Can you provide me a screenshot of the error?

If you are using Chrome, you can use Ctrl+Shft+J to see the console.

The bug has been fixed. Check it out again.

iThink you should show all this info after collecting user location and ajax response completed untill that you can show some loader waiting etc or nothing…