Feedback on a basic Sentiment Analysis site

Hey everyone,

So, I will be working on a site for sentiment analysis and this is a small prototype version of what the actual site will be.

This is the site link: sentiment-analysis

How it works is basically, you give some text input in the input area, and then click on the analyze button.
You then get result based on the input showing the overall sentiment score and comparative sentiment score, and the total no. of words analyzed.

You can also see a list of all the words that have associated sentiment in the form of color-borders.

(P.S. The results might not be a 100% accurate, but it will improve with time.)

I request all of you to test the site and give your valuable constructive feedback.

Thank you :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:

Psst: It also has light-mode…if that’s what you like :stuck_out_tongue:

Very creative idea and very well executed! Congrats. I tried putting in the lyrics to journey’s ‘don’t stop believing’ and it came out with a neutral but slightly positive score of .6, which I think is fitting for that song because uplifting but tinged with sadness. I especially like the differentiating border colors around the words and the light mode option is a really neat touch.

As I said, it’s really good, but if you did want to keep working on it and add more functionality, here are a couple things you could try:

  • adding color interpolation to make the border colors map even more seamlessly to the sentiment score of the words. d3.js can do this, so can react spring if you're using react, also you can always fall back on googling for ideas for custom functions of course

  • You could look for patterns in the text to make the sentiment score more foolproof. Like, in "don't stop believing", "stop" has a strong negative score, but maybe if it's preceded by 'don't' the score should become positive.

  • when i copy/pasted lyrics into the textarea it kept the original text formatting from google, maybe you could force it to conform to your site's styles.

  • scrollbar on textarea pokes outside the border
    • Fantastic job though, keep up the great work!

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Thanks a lot for the amazing feedback.
As I said, this is just a prototype, the main version will likely take care of most of these concerns and input styling.

Also, I tried color interpolation, but then it had too many different colors to look at, so I decided to go for just the basic 3.

And I am still looking for a scrollbar fix…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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