Feedback on a learning plan i have?

Hey guys! noob here.
After learning HTML and CSS,
I already started to build my portfolio website (else, I’d forget what I read) and honestly, I get stressed looking for small mistakes in my CSS code (especially when it’s related to the box model)

If I already had a rough idea of what I wanted to build,
Would it make sense to build the page layout using a page builder on Wordpress, then study the html and css code from there? (I mean, at least their code is clean and I’ll just try to understand the logic behind the code)


You could do that, but learning to read the code and learning to build things are two useful skills but also incredibly different from each other

If you don’t build things you will not learn to build things

You also don’t need to memorise everything, but learning to search for the things you need in the documentation. It is normal and expected that you need to search things a few times (or a few dozens depending on what you are doing) each day.

if im gonna build something big i like to break the parts down into small sections and work on those separately then fit the parts together later instead of trying to attack something big and complex all at once.

so if the whole portfolio page sounds stressful, then think about all the little individual parts that would go into that page tinker with them in the code editor. when you understand them you can slowly build your page into something youll be more happy with

doing it in wordpress sounds more complicated to me. checkout a site called html5up. they have templates you can look at if you need some ideas

think about what the word development means in web development. its a process of creating something of increasing complexity over time. think of a marathon rather than a sprint

Hey there! Check this video out. It helped me a lot. It’s a good idea to try coding it rather than letting Wordpress write the code, since the simple act of typing and thinking about your next line will help it stick.

But, try what they are doing at the beginning. Make a bunch of divs, and give them each a background color, so you can see their full size, and start moving them around. Grid is very good for page layouts. Once you’ve got your layout, you can add flexbox to any individual section of the layout to format that section as needed.(colums,rows,etc.)

Good luck!