Feedback - on a React take home assignment

Background - I have 7 years of experience (Full Stack Developer - 5 years, Angular - 2 years). Since 2018, I am on a break from work. For the last year, I have self-learned React and worked on a React project as a volunteer.

Current - I am now trying to get back into the workforce. I took a React take-home test with a company and it turned out negative. The company rejected to give feedback. Since I have self-learned and do not have any reference other than my understanding, I would greatly appreciate any feedback on my implementation, especially on the React part. It would help me improve my React skills.

My implementation - gifted-antonelli-6946h - CodeSandbox
Create a frontend application in React that allows a user to:

  • Search for movies
  • Render the results
  • Add movies to a playlist
  • Confirm the movies in the playlist.
  • Please include a footer that says “My favorite color is {your favorite color}” on
    the confirmation screen, with the background color being that color.

Thanks in advance.

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