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Not WHAT, but with WHOM
2 min read

How many amazing projects did you work in that lost their attractiveness immediately after kick off? Have you ever seen very talented and inspiring people building a boring venture?*

While talking with colleagues and friends from different disciplines, I came to the conclusion that an average attractive project executed with great people could be easily turned into an amazing experience.

Average becomes irrelevant while you are surrounded by the right crew. It is likely that great talent together will find creative ways of executing and turn the “regular” into an “above average” outcome. But even when it is not the case, the experience is very likely to be fun, full of learnings and why not a great opportunity to make new friends.

In the opposite direction, great projects with average people have enormous chances of being a source of energy dragging. Top 3 reasons: lack of strategic alignment from day 1 -inconsistent, different views of the world!-, long discussions to reach understanding -lack of a shared mindset- and toxic behaviours/ethical standards.

I always asked to myself why we are so careful on choosing people for joining us on a trip (2 weeks in a year) and considerable less thoughtful to evaluate WITH WHOM we work (90–80% of our weekly available time).

Key takeaway: with WHOM hits WHAT.