Feedback on Courses for HTML and CSS

Dear Course Creators,
I wanted to express my appreciation for the fantastic work you’ve done in creating this free HTML Forms course. I’ve found the materials to be both comprehensive and engaging, and they’ve significantly helped me improve my understanding of HTML.

I’m writing today to offer some constructive feedback on Step 61 of the “Learn HTML Forms by Building a Registration Form” section. The instructions for styling the submit button were a bit unclear for me.

The instructions stated:

Lastly, for the submit button, you want to separate it from the fieldset above, and adjust its width to never be below 300px.

Change the margin property to include 1em on the top and bottom, while leaving the right and left margins set to auto. Then set the width as described above.

The issue I encountered was that the instructions didn’t explicitly mention that a separate style rule was needed for the file input element (<input type="file">) to address its padding. This led me to focus solely on styling the submit button, when in fact, the file input also needed adjustment to achieve the desired visual consistency.

I believe a minor clarification in the instructions would greatly benefit learners like myself. Perhaps you could add a note indicating that additional styling might be needed for the file input to match the padding of other inputs. Alternatively, providing an example solution or highlighting the relevant CSS selector (input[type="file"]) could be helpful.

Overall, I’m thoroughly enjoying the course, and I’m confident that this small improvement would enhance the learning experience for future students.

Thank you again for providing this valuable resource, and I look forward to completing the rest of the course.

Asteria Moon

I am not sure I get your feedback, step 61 is only about the submit button, the file upload input is adjusted in step 62

To pass the challenge I had to add what was asked for me to add in step 62 into step 61.

not at all, step 61 requires only what’s written in step 61 instructions