Feedback on curriculum tribute page

Hey guys,

i would appreciate some feedback on my tribute page in order to improve my skills.

tribute page for curriculum

Every feedback is welcome!

I too did mine on Elon Musk. He is extremely inspirational and a modern day Thomas Edion.

Based off of what I see , here is what I would recommend:

  • Center the main image: When most of the main elements of a site are centered, you want to keep it consistent across the entire page unless there is a reason for something to break the consistency.

  • Font: I would make your font a little bigger in some areas and avoid using what appears to be Times New Roman. San-serif fonts tend to be a lot neater and easier to read.

  • Images: Images either need to be properly formatted, or needs to have at least 1 dynamic property. If you have a rectangle element, and determine both properties (width & height) to be the same, you are going to distort the image. If you aren’t going to reformat the images, choose the height or width you would like for all elements.

  • Links: There is only one link on here, but I would always restyle the links to go with the chosen color scheme. Unless you are using 1992 Blue and purple, I generally do this very early in laying out my css; generally the second or third styling in my css is always a: styles.

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Hey @Ottomaddix thank you very much.

I appreciate your help and i am going to tackle that tomorrow!