Feedback on CV - refreshing my resume

Hi All,
I will be direct, my CV writing skills are terrible. My last one was about 15 pages long :slight_smile:

But I found this awesome guide on here how to write a good one:

I tried to follow the guidelines to make it my own and here it is:

So far I have put all that I think that could help me yet won’t be over the top.
Now I am thinking if there is anything that would be better to throw away.

For example:

  • Scholarship part. I was thinking it is good to show I was able to learn Chinese. But maybe the HR won’t care and it is better to remove it to save some space?

  • I do not have technical education so I put the Bootcamp at the top. I know some people are not very keen on the bootcamps so maybe tone it down a little and just mention it somewhere.

  • Now, this is my mine concern. The only redeeming quality that I have is that I work in support for the past couple of years. So I try to play this card as much I can.

I do not know how much this is a benefit and if the potential employers would even care.
In my previous CV I tried to list every single technology I have learned (i.e vmware/networking/AD). But following the principles in the guide, I only focused on the ones that I think could have any relevance.
For example I used to be go to guy for powerShell in my previous company. Is this worth exposing as much as I did or will they not care as it is shell scripting and has nothing to do with web development?

Let me know what you think.
I will be grateful for any thoughts

Kind regards

One page max. You should tighten up your heading (i.e. shrink it down and make it a true header, sort of resembling the article.) Check out JSON Resume “themes” , I believe there is a theme ‘one page’ that may offer some inspiration. Best of luck.


Great :). Thank you.