Feedback on Design and UX on Calculator Project

Hey Ya! How is going? Well after 1 week working on the calculator project I’ve just finished (Almost hahahaha).

It was hard, was entirely made by me, the font of the screen was made with css. The concept is mine and the code is a little messed up, but I understood everything I did.

I’m really proud, there are some bugs (I’m working on it) but I’m very proud :’)

Thank you FCC and forummates.

It would be very nice if you guys gave me some feedback.

As always, keep coding!

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Looks really cool and original.
When there’s too many number they come off the “paper” so maybe you can add a round function for decimals and a maximum input for integers but other than that I quite liked it.

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Very nice. I saw a similar adding machine before. It’s a good idea having a track record of your calculations. Yours is only the 2nd I’ve seen.
Style is great :sparkles:
I found a bug using the x2 (square) function which seems to work on the display but not the printout :confused:

Here is the other adding machine I saw

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Thank you all :slight_smile:

Mario, gonna fix it :wink:

Johnny, thank you for another feedback :slight_smile: Gonna fix it too.

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This is great, except, when you click On then 9 for instance, it shows one 9.

But if you press On again, it shows two 9’s. Then three 9’s if you press it again.

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This is exactly what I was about to comment! Otherwise it’s great :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the feedback and bug reported. It is fixed now :slight_smile:

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