Feedback on Design & Code of Landing Page Project

Hi all,
After a few weeks of working on-and-off this project, I think I’ve mostly finished it. I say mostly, because I’m still fairly new to html/CSS (started FCC about a month ago, and have dabbled a bit previously), and have a feeling my code is probably horrendously messy. :sweat_smile: I’m pretty ok with the design (except for that footer uhg), I mostly want feedback on my code - But I know that I can always improve in both areas.

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looks cute it’s good, how bout giving a little bit of rounded corners to the other shapes as well.

i didn’t checked the code tho, i think a full-width footer is what you’re trying to achieve?

I used my footer to position: absolute; left: 0; width: 100%;

worked for me tho, but i believe it’s a hit or miss?

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ooooh, I forgot about position:absolute, thanks! I was going for full-width, but it wouldn’t go all the way to the left, so I just went with making it the same width as my ‘about’ box.

Nice project @Faded

Looks clean! Best Luck :+1:

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I think it looks good… You may want to change the size of the logo and make it a bit smaller and consequently change the size of the navbar and make it smaller.

Because the navbar looks very big in small screens specially on the iPhone 5/SE, it takes half of the screen. And at the same time try to make it responsive to mobile screens, by adding media queries.

In Google Chrome you can experiment and play around it with the DevTools.

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Thank you! :smiley:

ah, thanks for the feedback- I have adjusted the image size and it’s a bit smaller know. :+1: