Feedback on freelance webpage

Check out my freelance project here:

Would love some feedback, thanks!

Good job! Few suggestions.

  • Texts under image are too wide causing too many words in a line. Reduce its width.
  • The images are too big.
  • Give control to users so that they can change the images themselves like a carousel.
  • Color of your navbar don’t contrast well. Try using a different background color.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Great, thanks so much for the feedback!

This looks excellent and it’s very creative! Starting at “Find Your Way,” and to the right of that, the pages are too wide and have a horizontal scroll bar.

These buttons aren’t working correctly. When I click them, they don’t do anything unless I’m hovering over the text on the buttons so you have some work to do on the a tags, I think.

The text in these buttons falls out of them and the buttons have the same problem all the others do.

Your body needs a margin and padding of 0 on most pages so that things will look as good as they do on the index page.

Very good look for your target audience, well done!