Feedback on Front End Dev Portfolio page

Hey people,

I can really use your feedback on my first portfolio page.
Here’s the link:
I was procrastinating on this project for a long time so I finally went for it and hoping to improve it on the go. Site is not yet responsive and I avoid the use of libraries as much as I can.



I like your creativity with color. Make sure that your section anchors stop below the header.

PS don’t use height and width to style the textarea. Use the textarea attributes rows and cols to size it.

Don’t put your personal phone number and email out there you’ll get a lot of unwanted calls, texts, and emails. Use a virtual pbx number like the free Google Voice and use the contact form to receive offers.

Make sure that your background image for the hero section is not repeating, and also make the text bigger in the hero section

Hi Yogesh, here’s my take on your portfolio, please see this as ways in which it can be made better. I hope you find time to improve it.

  • Double check the pointer you have used when hovering over your links. Not all links and buttons are clearly indicated as clickable by the pointer i.e. LinkedIn and Résumé buttons, the hover effect is a nice save but don’t rest on it.

  • I am not a fan of the colour palette you’ve selected. I can’t grasp what it’s supposed to invoke. Are you going for a calm look, vibrant and fun look? It’s a bit confusing. Trying implementing colour psychology and perhaps stick to using colours sparingly. I understand you are looking for a front-end position but, you would want to attract and keep the hiring personnel on your site, and colour plays a big role in the scheme of things. The gradients are nice but really don’t complement the solid colours. I would stick to a colour scheme that works in harmony with each other. Try for some ideas and themes you can use.

  • Uniformity: are you using sentence case or lowercase in your font styles for your titles? Try to stick to one.

  • Your “hero text” ( Hi!!! I am Yogesh Datir. I am a web developer), really has quite a lot of ‘white-space’ surrounding it. I am sure you can make much better use of that space. Perhaps add in one more bit of text or a demo of a project you’d like to feature or something? Just ensure you don’t over-do it and stick to some sort of guidelines you’ve made for the design of your site. I also don’t understand your use of Upoly design in the bg.

  • Perhaps try looking at some seasoned professionals and their portfolio. Study their design and try to be inspired by it (not copy it). Many times people believe front-end is all about coding. But if you have a portfolio website, I would imagine you’d want people to spend some time enjoying it, hence my advice for making your site really welcoming, user-friendly and appealing. In UX design both front-end dev and design are needed, so I’m speaking from my experience.

  • Your nav menu is a bit broken. Try testing the site and you’ll see that once you’ve clicked on ‘My Work’ and a couple of other menu items, it anchors to the part of the page it needs to but it does not indicate an active state. Ensure all the nav links are in an active state once they’re on their respective anchored sections.

  • Your header logo is pixelated on my view so try looking at a better resolution image.

  • I would avoid adding personal contact info such as a personal phone number or email address, those can be left for the C.V. or résumé. Your contact form should be enough of a great gateway for recruiters to contact you when viewing your website.

I really hope this helps. Your site has great potential and you’ve got great skills. Keep up the drive!

Thanks guys… I will surely improve this project with insightful comments.


I’ve see the comment before. What do you mean? I understand that a:active is the time between clicking a link and the page reload which is too fast to see these days. This is an in-page link so it’s even faster.

If it’s coded correctly, the section title is at the top of the page in front of you and it should match the link text so what indication to you require?

Hello there! Watching your page on a phone and it is not readble at all because of very small font small img and large free space. Will be good for you to know what is ‘mobile first’ strategy means. Can give you this video for the first view:

This is how it views

As I mentioned in the post, it’s not responsive yet. I will try to make it responsive as soon as I can.


You are really good at choosing colors and your layout is amazing!
Your gradients match perfectly!

Thanks! I am trying to improve my skills further.